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June 11, 2021 1 min read

If you are like us, you love trying all the new brewing gadgets then you must be excited when you hear about Hario's latest product, Mugen.

The name for the dripper could not be more appropriate since it means "infinite" in Japanese. The star-shaped rib design is optimised for rapid flow rate for a fuss free extraction. No more counting number of pours! All you have to do is pour once.

The result, a sweetness forward and balanced cup. We love how this dripper makes it so easy for anyone to make good coffee at home, or in a coffeeshop. The margin of error is drastically reduced thanks to it's simple brewing method. Literally. Just. One. Step.🤯

This is the recipe that we recommend:

Water: 95°C

Ground Coffee: 15g

Brew ratio: 1:14

 Ground coffee in Hario Mugen Hario Mugen brew guidePour only once in Hario MugenServe in your favourite coffee cup

1. Wet paper filter with hot water to remove unwanted matter and to heat up brewer. 

2. 15g of freshly ground coffee in. Set timer and pour 210g of water ONCE.


Your final brew time should be just under 3 minutes depending on your grind size. If you find it rather acidic you can adjust your grind size finer. If your extraction is longer then consider grinding your coffee coarser. There you have it! We told you, it's fuss free ;)

Share with us and Frankie the Frenchie what you think of this dripper/recipe, and we can have a chat!

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If you don't already have one, you can shop the dripper here.

Paper filter available here.

Hario server here.

Hario drip scale here.

Stag electric kettle here.



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