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June 10, 2021 2 min read

There is not a correct way to brew coffee because we all like our coffees differently. Some prefer their coffee with a stronger brew strength for a punchy effect while others find pleasure in tasting the delicate notes that the coffee has to offer. There is however a standard recipe that most coffeeshops follow to have a consistent brew and we are going to share it with you here using the Origami dripper.

1. Heat up water to 92°C. Wet filter paper to remove any unwanted matter and to heat up brewer. Discard hot water.

2. Grind 15g of coffee to the size of sea salt. Give the brewer a gentle shake to level the coffee ground. Check if filter paper, coffee, dripper and dripper holder are straight. Tare your scale and let's bloom!

 Wet paper filterAdd ground coffeeBloom coffee

3. To bloom: Start timer and pour 40g hot water in a gentle motion spiralling outwards. It's common that you see bubbles appearing, it's a sign of fresh coffee expelling cO2.

4. Wait or coffee to draw down and top up 60g of water in the same spiralling motion. Repeat two more times until your scale is at 225g. 

5. Gently swirl the dripper once to create a flat coffee bed. You should be around the 3 -3.5 minute mark by the time the coffee draws down completely. 


 Pour 60g of waterLet coffee draw down at 3-3.5minute markEnjoy your freshly brewed coffee!

There you have it! Taste your coffee and if you think it is a little too strong, you can choose to increase your coffee:water ratio, coarsen your grind size or even reduce the temperature of your kettle. So many things you can tweak and play with! Welcome to the world of specialty coffee and becoming a home barista!

We would love to hear about what you think of this recipe! How was your coffee? Do you think you will do something differently tomorrow? Let's chat! 


To follow this recipe, you will need:

- Origami dripper

- Origami Dripper Holder

Origami Paper Filter

- Hario Drip Scale

- Stagg Electric Kettle

- Hario Manual Grinder


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