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Our Story

We are Coffee Lovers

Curious Buds started from the need for a delicious cup of coffee with the least amount of hassle involved.

We want to make coffee more accessible by building a platform for coffee lovers to taste different coffees from a variety of roasters, processing method and terroir.

Our offerings come from farmers who strive for the best crops at each harvest, sourced ethically by importers and roasted by people we are proud to call our friends with the highest attention and curated by us to be delivered to your doorstep.
We Care
We only select products that meet our standards and are handled carefully to ensure they retain as much freshness and flavour as possible when they arrive in your cup. We also care about the people who are in the business and promote fair retribution to the whole supply chain, especially the farmers who are the weakest and often neglected.
Times are difficult: due to COVID, the entire coffee chain suffered grave loss in revenue caused by the closures of coffee shops and consequently reduced orders from roasters. In some instances, this resulted in as much as 70% decrease in revenue for farmers around the world.
We hope to help by creating more demand in the supply chain as well as getting more consumers into supporting small independent businesses.
We are committed to strive for Sustainability
Coffee and sustainability don't always go hand in hand but we are committed to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the planet. Here at Curious Buds, every decision was made through a 2 step thinking process. 
1: Is it good? Would I recommend it to my best friends?
2: What is the most sustainable way, within our means, can we deliver this experience?
Decisions for our packaging such as boxes, tapes, and fillers were made based on these thought processes. The fillers we use to protect our goods in the boxes are made of non-toxic, 100% renewable material and they disintegrate as soon as they come in contact with water (Try it! It's really cool!).
Packaging - Curious Buds
Our coffee set up is no different. Our espresso machine consumes less energy than others without compromising quality and our coffee grinder has little retention and hence does not require purging which contributes to unnecessary waste.
We firmly believe sustainability is not a trend but the future. Having that in mind, we work with people with ethos that are in line with ours. To be concise, we strive for less waste, more transparency as well as giving back at all steps of our processes.
We thank you for supporting what we believe in and we hope to grab a cuppa with you real soon,
online or offline ;)
Junn, Arnaud & Kaya