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octobre 09, 2021 1 lire la lecture

Curious Buds Specialty Coffee Subscription Box October


This month we featured 2 contrasting coffees to our subscribers.

The first coffee is a washed Kenyan roasted by Friedhats Coffee Roasters from Amsterdam. Unlike most Kenyan coffees that are made of a blend of SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11, this lot is special for it is 100% SL28 from the region of Kiambu. Producers/brothers Francis, David, James, John and Joseph Muuru believe this varietal to have an outstanding profile and decided to plant it exclusively in their farm.

We tasted a lot of floral and herbal notes in the cup, supported by a sparkling acidity and lingering sweet aftertaste. 


Curious Buds Specialty Coffee Subscription Box October


The second coffee is a competition microlot roasted by Paper Mill in Tallinn, Estonia. It is an anaerobic processed lot from Finca Aquiares in Costa Rica.

Don Alfonso and his son Diego's modern approach to farming helped produce stunning lots from the region and this one is no exception. This coffee has the same fruity characteristics as a natural coffee but with a distinct clarity and a bright acidity reminiscent of kiwi. 

We hope our subscribers are enjoying these coffees as much as we do and we're excited to bring in more exceptional coffees in the next months. It's autumn here in Luxembourg! Can you guess who is the most excited about coffee in the forest? 

Curious Buds Specialty Coffee Subscription Box October


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