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novembre 23, 2021 2 lire la lecture

Curious Buds Specialty Coffee November Box - Kurasu and Kalve Coffee Roasters

This month we brought back Kurasu Coffee Roasters from Kyoto, Japan for our subscribers to enjoy. We find this washed Kenyan highly enjoyable with a sparkling acidity and lots of sweetness. 

As with many great Kenyan coffees, this lot is from the region of Kirinyaga located in the south of Mount Kenya. With the rich volcanic soil paired with warm and temperate climate, this region is ideal for quality coffee and tea cultivation.

The coffee cherries were handpicked, pulped and fermented in water for 12 to 48 hours. They are then washed, graded and dried slowly over 2 - 3 weeks on raised African beds to achieve targeted moisture content.

The second coffee is a certified Organic lot washed Ethiopian roasted by Kalve Coffee Roasters based in Riga, Latvia. We tasted this coffee last year when we discovered them and felt the need to share with our subscribers!

This coffee is a classic example of great washed Ethiopian coffees; a clean and jammy cup with intense floral notes! As much as we enjoy many crazy experimental coffees, we thought this month we will reset the palette with some VERY good washed coffees like these two.

Genji Challa is a sister washing station of Nano Challa that was built to provide more space for the production. Farmers of this station cultivate coffees at altitudes between 1850 and 2100 meters. When delivered, the cherries are floated before being de-pulped; the coffee is then soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for 8 hours before drying - first skin-dried and sorted under shade, before being sun-dried for approximately 10 days on raised drying beds.

Hope our dear subscribers enjoyed these coffees as much as we did! Let us know if you did! :)

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