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Coffee Bars

Find us in 2 locations in Luxembourg: 
Curious Buds x Le Coin Gourmet
11 Av. de la Porte-Neuve, 2227 Ville-Haute Luxembourg
In this location, we collaborate with our friends serving homemade focaccia, Iberian products sourced directly from producers and we take care of the cookies and coffee side of things :)
Opening Hours

8am - 4.30pm


 9.30am - 4.30pm

Curious Buds x yogaloft. TROPICS
☕10 Rue des Prés, 8039 Strassen
In this location, we collaborate with our favourite yoga studio in the country to create an experience where you can grab a coffee before a good stretch/workout. Not obliged but definitely recommended! :) We also serve seasonal salad and soup made by us.
Opening Hours

       7.30am - 4pm


       10am - 4.30pm