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décembre 30, 2021 1 lire la lecture

For the month of December, we wanted to showcase 2 delicious roasters that will hopefully bring our subscribers some comfort and facilitate the sense of cocooning as we reflect on the year of 2021.

This year has been A RIDE for everyone, to say the least. We are so thankful for every support we get from our little growing community. It really means a lot to us for every person you tell about our project to, every positive email that you write to us, gift cards that you purchase from our shop.. they all count! 

The first coffee that we chose for this month is roasted in Amsterdam by Rum Baba. We have heard so much about them for their perfectly roasted coffees as well as their colourful packaging. When we read the description of this costa rican coffee, we were inspired to share this lot (and even more when we tasted it for the first time). We find this black honey lot super complex and definitely a unique cup all round. 
Curious Buds Specialty Coffee December Subscription Box - Koppi Coffee Roasters and Rum Baba Coffee Roasters

Secondly, we decided to bring back Koppi Coffee Roasters because we know how much our subscribers love them (so do we!). We picked a natural Ethiopian from the Bombe station with funky/wild coffee lovers in mind.

We hope our subscribers enjoyed every bit of our selection and we will reveal the next box very very soon! Don't forget to let us know what you think of these coffees if you have tried it and we would love to hear what you would like to try next!

Until next year everybody! 

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