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août 16, 2022 2 lire la lecture

Hope August is treating everybody well with beach holidays and city breaks - thank you for sharing your little adventures with us, we absolutely love them! Here at Curious Buds we have been given the opportunity to have a physical place so we are preparing for the grand opening in September. Everybody is invited to come visit us in Luxembourg! :)

With this piece of news, we are looking forward to be able to support more roasters and producers that we love by increasing the amount of coffee that we order and of fresh offerings that we will be providing online and offline.

Curious bUds August Subscription Box - Friedhats - Frinsa Edun - Indonesia - Filter - Anaerobic Natural - 250g - Prolog - Samii Danche - Ethiopia - Filter - Washed - 250g

Frinsa Edun, Indonesia - Anaerobic Natural (Friedhats)
Samii Danche, Ethiopia - Washed (Prolog)


This month, we tried something we have never done before - we asked a subscriber what he would like to taste from a roaster that we selected. He is a fan of anaerobic coffees and went for the Indonesian Anaerobic Frinsa Edun roasted by Friedhats in Amsterdam. We tried this coffee on espresso, filter, and cold brew and find ourselves going back for the cold brew recipe the most (works well with flash brew too, if you are out of time).

40g of coffee for 650mL of water at 110ppm, 14h fridge time.

Result: A fun and refreshing cup with notes of fermented fruits and bubble gum.

The second coffee that we chose to bring contrast to this funky madness is Prolog's Samii Danche, a classic washed Ethiopian profile that we can't get enough of. We think this coffee is elegance in a cup and we appreciate the simple and clean design of Prolog's coffee bag in comparison to Friedhats (which we also love).

We have been brewing this coffee a lot with our trusty Origami with a simple recipe.

15g of coffee with 225g total yield, water at 110ppm. TBT: 3 minutes

Curious Buds August Subscription Box - Friedhats - Colombia Funky Fruity Phoenix Natural Espresso - 250g - Prolog Caballero - Francisca - Honduras - Omniroast - Washed -250g

Caballero, Honduras - Washed (Prolog)
Funky Fruity Phoenix - Washed (Friedhats)



We featured Prolog's Caballero, a washed Honduran coffee with an Omniroast profile. This coffee is great for those seeking a balanced cup without any harsh notes that can be found in some espresso roast. It is also suitable for those who prefer their filter coffee with low acidity. Super versatile!

From Friedhats, we selected a natural Colombian with notes of dried strawberry and chocolate. We find the aroma from opening the bottle simply irresistible! We had to grind slightly finer than our standard recipe for this coffee to achieve a fruity profile and an ending with sweetness reminiscent of caramel.

We hope you have enjoyed this month's selection and we are excited to get more of you involved in our coffee selection process. Until next month!

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