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It's that time again for us to present our roasters of the month. This month we are featuring yet another beautiful combo. Let's dive in!
A Matter Of Concrete is a roastery founded by Rob Clarijs, winner of Coffee Masters London 2019, where we had the pleasure of witnessing the glorious victory in London Coffee Festival that year. This roastery is located inside a historical building made of concrete, Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 
Morgon Coffee is a small roastery based in Gothenburg, run by three coffee friends who have been working together even before starting a roastery. They have won countless competitions over the years and were nominated as 'Most Notable Roasters' in 2020 by Sprudgie. They are situated by the beautiful harbour of Gothenburg.
The similarities of these two roasters are: they both roast on the ferraris of roasters, Loring Smart Roast which does not only roast amazing coffees but also is extremely efficient (uses 80% less fuel than traditional machines). The biggest difference between a Loring and traditional roasting machines is the way it transfers energy to the beans. It introduces heat in the form of hot air instead of only heating the beans when they touch the drums. Just for illustration of the idea, it is very much like the hot air function of an oven in comparison with using a pan. We are not sponsored, just a sucker for the finer things in life :)
September Specialty Coffee Subscription Box Filter - Curious Buds
For filter, one of our subscribers selected a washed Colombian from AMOC to follow last month's crazy Indonesian 3 day anaerobic processed lot (Great choice there!). This coffee is complex and very well balanced - we found notes of berries and a hint of lemongrass when we cupped this lot. On a V60, we get a more intense fruity note, which we ADORE. Here's a simple recipe to get you started: 
15g of coffee ground medium
40g water 30s bloom
add an increment of 60g at each pour until 225g out
TBT 3m15s
From Morgan Coffee, we selected a lovely Kenyan from the Kirinyaga region. This lot has a floral character that Kenyan profiles are also known for, particularly with the recent harvests. 
We brewed this on an Aeropress Go to bring in more juiciness to the cup. Here's how we did it:
15g of coffee ground medium fine
200g water
One pour, as quick as possible, agitate with a stirrer for 20 seconds and cover the brew with a plunger to avoid losing too much heat.
push at 50s mark. 
TBT 1m10s
September Subscription Box Filter - Curious Buds



We brewed AMOC's Ethiopian on the espresso machine with so much pleasure. As espresso it's floral on the nose and super tea-like on the palate. With milk it is comfort in a cup. To contrast, Morgon's Costa Rica has a distinctive note reminiscent of pina colada. Super fun! Here is how we brewed it on our Eagle One Prima:
17.5g of coffee ground fine
92° machine temp
38g out
34s with 10s pre-infusion

September Subscription Box Espresso - Curious Buds

Did you enjoy this month's selection? Do you have a preferred brewing recipe to share with us? Comment below or shoot us a DM anywhere! We also haven't received love letters in our inboxes about how much you've enjoyed the subscription recently, so feel free as well! :))


Till October!

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