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juillet 06, 2022 2 lire la lecture

June box is extra special because we turned 1 year! With that, we are spoiling our subscribers with an extremely rare lot roasted by one of the hottest roasters of the moment, Manhattan Coffee Roasters.

Manhattan Coffee Roasters and Coffee Collective - Curious Buds June Subscription Box

We selected this 120h anaerobic orange striped wush wush from Quindio, Colombia. This variety is extremely rare and we are very lucky to get our hands on it. We enjoy brewing this on a percolation brewer to get a nice nuance from this highly complex coffee. We detected notes of bright tropical fruits and lime acidity carried very well with a medium body followed by hints of fermentation and sweet aftertaste reminiscent of orange sherbet, grapefruit, and white peach. 

It would be too cruel to pair a straightforward washed coffee to the above mentioned, so we bring complement instead of our usual contrast to the mix. We selected a Bolivian lot roasted by Coffee Collective. This coffee is a coco natural processed where they used a coco dehydrator to dehydrate the beans to get a more controlled and homogenous drying across all the beans. The result is a creamy cup with notes of pear cider, melon and floral notes. Wild but balanced. 

As for espresso, we have selected a blend for the first time - we normally go for single origin but we made an exception because it's a blend that consists of Gesha from Panama and Catuai from Brazil. For those who are not sure what Gesha is, it is a sought after variety originally from Ethiopia but can now be found in other countries. Panama is one of the newer countries that produces award-winning Gesha variety. We were curious to try this blend and boy, we were not disappointed! 

Manhattan Coffee Roasters and Coffee Collective - Curious Buds June Subscription Box

We paired this banger coffee with the same Los Rodriguez Bolivian roasted for espresso by Coffee Collective. This coffee as espresso is so smooth and fruity! We could not be happier to hear those who had this coffee about how shocking and delicious it was. 

We hope our subscribers enjoyed this month's wild and rare coffees as much as we did. Next month we will do a little recalibration of our pallets with some washed beauties. Stay tuned!

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