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May 25, 2022 1 min read

For the month of May, we brought the spotlight on one of the hottest new roasters of the moment, Sweven from Bristol. We presented a juicy washed Kenyan from the Kirinyaga region- a well celebrated region for specialty coffee. We think Sweven really managed to push all the beautiful notes out of these beans and we couldn't be happier to have discovered them and even better, introduce this little gem to our subscribers.

To contrast, we paired the Kenyan with Nemba, a beautiful Burundi lot roasted by Nomad in Barcelona. This coffee brings a set of herbal and chocolatey notes and finishes with sweetness reminiscent of canelé,a caramelised cake soaked in rum. We enjoy this coffee with a 1:13 ratio to really capture the sweetness and body it has to offer. 

Next month we will be presenting yet another roaster from Rotterdam. Can you guess who? :)

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