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February 02, 2022 1 min read

For the month of January, we shared 2 amazing coffees roasted by Wide Awake Coffee Roasters based in Belgium and Prolog Coffee from Denmark.

Connection is truly important to us and many times before we hear from our coffee friends that it's the friendly community that had drawn them towards coffee in the beginning. We get it!

No offence to the tea drinkers out there, you are great too ;)

To kickstart the year, we thought we would like to challenge our subscribers' perception of Honduran coffee with this beautiful natural processed lot. We think of this coffee as a conversation starter thanks to its complex character and bold notes.

We then thought about complimenting this coffee by bringing contrast. We chose a washed Peruvian lot that is more delicate in comparison. From the moment the ground coffee is in contact with water, you will notice that it is not just another washed coffee. If you have enjoyed these coffees, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Wide Awake Coffee Roasters and Prolog Coffee - January Specialty Coffee Subscription Box - Curious Buds

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