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Worka - Ethiopia - Filter - Washed - 250g

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Expect a smooth cup reminiscent of milk chocolate with notes of lavender, blueberry and agave nectar.

The co-operative of Worka serves about 411 smallholder producers, most of whom cultivate the slopes of the mountain they call Rudu. There are many fruit trees in this area to give shade to the coffee plants as they grow. Many of these farmers create their own organic fertilizer to the benefit of not only the coffee but the whole ecosystem in the area.

The cherries are pulped on the same day they are picked. They normally dry for 7 days but this is dependent on weather conditions.
The elevation combined with their perfect geographical location makes for some of the cleanest and most consistent coffees in the greater Sidamo region. 
ORIGIN Ethiopia
REGION Yirgacheffe
COOPERATIVE Worka Washing Station
ALTITUDE 2000-2200 masl
ROAST DATE 19/1/22