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El Recuerdo 013 - Colombia - Filter - Washed - 300g

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Expect a sweet and complex cup with notes of marmalade, apricot, plum and chamomile. 

This farm is owned by Lizardo, a second generation coffee producer who is influenced by his father's organic way of farming. Here's a bonus fact, he's also a professional beekeeper. When one starts to farm organically, it is only natural to dive into beekeeping too right? :)

Rosado is a cross between Caturra and Timor Hybrid.

This lot is a mixture of 3 different days of picking. Coffee cherries were rested in their husks for up to 24 hours followed by 60 hours of dry fermentation. They were then washed and dried in elevated patio to achieve the targeted water content.

ORIGIN Colombia
PRODUCER Lizardo Herrera
VARIETAL Colombia Rosado
PROCESS Fed Batch Washed
ALTITUDE 1530 masl
ROAST DATE 22/8/22