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Low Caf Laurina - Brazil - Espresso - Anaerobic - 250g

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Late afternoon coffee is now made possible with this naturally low caffeine lot.  Expect a cup with notes of bright, toasted hazelnut and milk chocolate. 

Laurina is an Arabica varietal that was first discovered in Rèunion and later brought to Central America and Brazil. Aramosa on the other hand, is a hybrid of Arabica and Racemosa that naturally contains less than half the amount of caffeine than Arabica coffee and a quarter of Robusta. They are considered 'rare' coffees for they are difficult to grow. This is because caffeine acts as the plant's natural insecticide and with less caffeine means they require more attention and care from the farmers.

REGION Patrocinio, Minas Gerais
PRODUCER Luis Pascal
VARIETAL Laurina, Aramosa
PROCESS Anaerobic Fermentation
ALTITUDE 1000 - 1200 masl