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Coffee Collective

Los Rodriguez - Bolivia - Espresso - Coco Natural - 250g

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Expect a creamy espresso with a fruity acidity reminiscent of pear cider, melon and floral notes. Not a boring espresso to say the least!

Our producers, Pedro and his daughter Daniela and son Pedro Pablo started farming coffee in 2002 and they have experimented growing different varieties like typica, gesha and caturra over the years.

This caturra lot was dried on raised beds in a greenhouse equipped with ventilators and a special UV filter and then transferred into large steel vats called the coco dryers to dehydrate the cherries uniformly and consistently by controlling temperature and eliminating exposure to fluctuating weather conditions. This gives the coffee its sweet, acidic and complex character. 

ORIGIN Bolivia
REGION Takes Farm, Caranavi
PRODUCER The Rodriguez family
PROCESS Coco Natural
ALTITUDE 1,650 masl
ROAST DATE 24/5/22