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Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Liza - Rwanda - Filter - Anaerobic Washed - 250g

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- EXCEPTIONAL - Expect a complex cup with floral notes of rosehip, red apple acidity and aftertaste of cocoa. It's wild, it's funky, it's everything we need a little bit of in life ;)
Liza washing station is owned by Jean Paul who works with 500 other small farm holders to harvest and process fresh coffee cherries. He has a dedicated cupping lab at home and is committed to producing high-scoring coffees.
Coffee cherries were harvested and delivered in the evening every day. This lot was pulped and fermented for a duration between 12-16 hours in water to remove any remaining skin. They were then hand sorted and dried gently in shade for a day before going on the drying beds. During drying, they are once again sorted by hand to remove any defects from the lot.
COOPERATIVE Liza washing station
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
PROCESS Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE 1600 masl
ROAST DATE 1/06/22