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La Terraza Gesha - Colombia - Filter - Washed - 200g

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Expect a juicy and complex cup with notes of lavender, red currant and yellow plum. Tangy mouthfeel that keeps you going for more!

Get the same coffee processed differently here! This way you can learn more about how processing affects the taste of coffee. 🤓

Fermentation of the coffee at La Terraza farm in Colombia begins when the very ripe cherry is harvested. Fermentation is carried out in plastic tanks where the cherries rest for about 24 hours before being pulped. The process is carried out dry in order to keep as much mucilage as possible in the bean and to obtain the maximum sweetness. The second fermentation phase lasts a maximum of about 60 hours. The PH of the mucilage during fermentation ranges from 3.7 to 4.1, and the average temperature in the fermentation tank can range from 12° to 29°. This temperature directly affects the behavior of the bacteria present, which begin their activation and multiplication process at 5°. Finally, the coffee is washed and dried in the sun in Marquesinas for 20 days. Through the washing process, the coffee acquires clear fruity notes with pronounced aromas.

ORIGIN Colombia
PRODUCER Juliana Guevara
REGION Las Aguilas
ALTITUDE 1700 masl