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Kamwangi AA - Kenya - Filter - Washed - 227g

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- JUICY ALERT - Expect a vibrant and refreshing cup with notes of blackcurrant, grapefruit and vanilla topped with a velvety darjeeling tea like finish. We love low intervention washed coffees like this, paired with perfect execution from Sweven to really showcase the true beauty inside the bean.

Kamwangi Coffee factory is one of the 3 factories managed by New Ngariama FCS. The other two being the famous Kainamui and Kiamugumo. The soil is composed of mainly nitisol, a red volcanic soil that is packed with nutrients.

The grading system in Kenya looks like this:

  • E (Elephant beans) = screen 19 and up
  • AA = 17/18
  • AB = 16/17
  • PB = Peaberries.

This AA lot is the largest, most concentrated and considered the highest quality of all the coffees in the region.

Coffee cherries were hand sorted, depulped and fermented for 24-36 hours under close shade. This is followed by another round of washing and grading based on density of the beans and drying on African beds for a duration ranging between 12 to 20 days. The beans are covered with a layer of protection at midday when the sun it too strong and at night to keep away from the rain or excess moisture.

REGION Kirinyaga
COOPERATIVE Kamwangi New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative
ALTITUDE 1600-1800 masl
ROAST DATE 26/4/22