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Las Peñas - Guatemala - Espresso - Washed - 250g

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Low acidity coffee lovers, this one is for you! Skip the dessert and grab a cup of this! Expect notes of peach and vanilla with a creamy mouthfeel. Super well balanced!

Our producer, Pedro started planting coffees about 30 years ago and his focus has always been on quality. Las Peñas is named after the limestone rocks in the town of San Antonio. 

Coffee cherries were harvested, sorted and depulped. After washing off all impurities, the coffee seeds were dried in direct sun for 6 hours over 6 days between 9am and 2pm and rotated every 20 minutes. 

ORIGIN Guatemala
REGION Huehuetenango
PRODUCER Pedro Aguilar Mendez
VARIETAL Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon and Mundo Novo
ALTITUDE 1550-1680 masl
ROAST DATE 29/8/22