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Gisanga - Rwanda - Espresso - 96hrs Anaerobic Natural - 227g

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Expect a sweet and luscious cup with notes of dates, guava and cherry cola.

From roaster:

This natural processed lot comes from Gisanga coffee washing station and includes an extended “anaerobic” cherry fermentation in sealed tanks (a low oxygen environment). After fermentation for up to 96 hours, the cherries are dried slowly on raised African beds for 6 weeks and the result is clean and fruity cup profile.

Situated in Ruhango district, Gisanga processes cherries from 925 local smallholder farmers. Gisanga is one of the best coffee-growing regions of Rwanda’s central plateau. The region varies from 1,650-1,850m above sea level with volcanic, sandy clay soils and cool temperatures. Like much of Rwanda – “the land of a thousand hills” – the terrain is mountainous, rugged and exceptionally beautiful. Rich volcanic soils, plentiful sunshine, and tropical rainfall provide exceptional conditions for the cultivation of Arabica, and the Bourbon variety particularly excels in the high elevations of Rwanda’s mountains. Tropic Coffee – the owners and operators of the Gisanga washing station – support farmers to nurture and protect their coffee plants through sustainable, organic and shade-grown practices. They train local farmers in the best agricultural practices from seedling preparation to planting and harvesting, and have set up a field school in each village. Farmers plant coffee trees in well-spaced rows allowing light penetration and air movement to help plants grow well. Windbreaks protect the coffee trees from high mountain winds. For crop diversity and food, farmers plant cassava, beans, maize and bananas.

ORIGIN Ruhango, Rwanda
PRODUCER Tropic Coffee
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
PROCESS 96hrs Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE 1650 - 1850masl
ROAST DATE 24/10/22