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Ghalib - Yemen - Filter - Natural - 250g

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From roaster:

Full bodied and sweet with medium acidity. Aromas of cinnamon, cocoa, dark berries and dried fruits. Aftertaste of milk chocolate.

Yemen was the first country in the world to export coffee through its port in Mocha in the 17th century.

In recent years, Yemen has been badly affected by war. About 24 million citizens, out of 28 million, are in need of humanitarian assistance. The coffee production and trade generates highly needed income, jobs and a way towards peace. Warfair and The Yemen Journey has done a remarkable job in helping Yemeni farmers export their coffee.

Ghalib Al-Hamasi is the sixth generation in his family who works with coffee. He comes from an hardworking family and has chosen to dedicate his life to coffee not only because of how much he loves it but also because he faithfully believes that it is more sustainable than any other industry - one that can change people’s lives in his region, Haraz, and in Yemen in general.


We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.

Normally, we communicate the price paid directly to the farmer as the Quality Bonus in percentages. With this coffee, it is a bit different as the high price is more about the effort to export the coffee from war torn Yemen. We have chosen to communicate the price as FOB in US $/lb.

The work with Warfair and The Yemen Journey, where we reach the people on the front line, is very much in line with our goal of making life better for those who are struggling - one cup at a time. The cost of this is higher when we have to add extra security measures and steps in our value chain and we feel the Quality Bonus does not reflect this as well as the FOB price.

PRODUCER Ghalib Al-Hamasi
ALTITUDE 1800-2000 masl
ROAST DATE 1/03/23