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Enat Buna 008 - Ethiopia - Espresso - Natural - 300g

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Expect a floral cup with notes of dried strawberries, grapefruit and milk chocolate. It's one of those classics that will never get old. We absolutely treasure coffees with this profile and savour it each time we get a chance to have it.

Duba station is located near Shakiso in the Guji region, a region that is famous for producing spectacular coffees thanks to its impeccable climate suited for growing high quality tea and coffee. This 200 hectare farm and processing station is run by over 600 small holders responsible for hand-harvesting organic coffee cherries in the months of November and December.

Gash Duba, team leader of the station, collaborates with Bette Buna, a Dutch - Ethiopian coffee company who is responsible for growing, producing and trading coffee. Together, they strive for fair wages and circumstances for all of the workers, free agricultural trainings for the co-farmers in the area and encouraging entrepreneurship for youth to increase the alternative incomes in the region.

ORIGIN Ethiopia
COOPERATIVE Duba Washing Station
VARIETAL JARC 74110 and 74112
ALTITUDE 1800-2100masl
ROAST DATE 22/8/22