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El Bosque - Colombia - Filter - Natural - 250g

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Expect a fruity cup with notes of orange and lavender and sweetness of chocolate and white miso.

Palestina is situated in the southern region of Huila. At the farm, they focus on farming only gesha and pink bourbon varieties. They goal is to improve post harvest processing and allow better green coffee storage. Something we do not give much thought about but affects the taste in the cup tremendously! 

Coffee cherries were cleaned and sorted through a water channel to remove damaged or underripe cherries. They are then fermented for 72 hours in tanks and dried on cement terraces for a duration of 13 days. Finally, the coffees were dried mechanically.

ORIGIN Colombia
PRODUCER Linarco Rodriguez Ospina
REGION Palestina
VARIETAL Pink Bourbon
ALTITUDE 1715 masl
ROAST DATE 13/7/22