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Diego Bermudez El Paraíso - Colombia - Espresso - Thermal Shock Anaerobic - 250g

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Expect notes of turkish delight, raspberry and lychee.

Our producer Diego Bermudez has been experimenting with fermentation methods and selected his own microorganisms and yeasts to showcase the outstanding profiles of his coffees. 

From Roaster:

We are proud to release another coffee in our exceptional category. This Castillo comes by way of Diego Bermudez who is the owner of the El Paraiso farms in Cauca, Colombia. Diego is an absolute genius when it comes to advanced methodology in coffee processing. His standard model for products uses carefully selected local micro bio-organisms to influence the coffee during fermentation instead of relying on the random microbial load from the natural biome. Rather than using standard anaerobic fermentation tanks he uses precise bio reactors to ferment the product measuring everything from time, temp, ph, sugar content and microbial load.

The kind of influence you get from this kind of industrial level fermentation is definitely out there. You are not going to taste anything like the coffees that Diego produces and this Castillo is of course no exception when it comes to the absolute mind bending outcomes Diego achieves from each of his coffees.

ORIGIN Colombia
REGION El Tambo, Cauca
PRODUCER Villa Esperanza, Diego Bermudez
PROCESS Thermal Shock Anaerobic
ALTITUDE 1900 masl
ROAST DATE 25/10/22