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Cherry Fudge - Ethiopia - Filter - Anaerobic Natural - 250g

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A boozy natural anaerobic Ethiopian from Uraga Raro. Amazing sweetness with loads of flavours of dark fruits and berries.

Farmers in the nearby Raro village deliver ripe cherries at the wet mill. Upon intake, the cherries undergo floating for half an hour resulting in lighter beans being floated and removed. The denser beans are then taken out to the raised African drying bed to cover tightly inside a black plastic. The cherry ferments inside the black plastic for 48 hours. During this time, natural fermentation breaks down sugars in the coffee cherries which produce lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and unique flavor compounds. During the afternoon the black plastic is opened fully for an hour so that the coffee cherries obtain enough air in order to avoid the formation of fungus. After the fermentation, the cherry is fully open dried on raised African drying bed for 15 days. 452 farmers have contributed ripe cherries for this process.

ORIGIN Ethiopia
VARIETAL Wolisho and Dega
PROCESS Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE 2470 masl
ROAST DATE 20/12/22