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Caballero - Francisca - Honduras - Omniroast - Washed -250g

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Omniroast is a roast profile suited for both espresso and filter brews. This also means that if you prefer your coffee with a more syrupy mouthfeel and less acidity, this is your jam.

Expect a round and sweet cup with herbal notes, berries, and cocoa. 

The Caballeros are possibly the most famous farmers in Honduras. They have been super quality focused, resulting in consistently good coffees that are known to be complex and elegant. With research and development, they are constantly working on improving the quality of coffee. 

At the farm, they produce their own fertilizer mix made of cow and chicken manure, coffee pulp and other organic materials. They also use mineral fertilisers to give the coffee plants the nutrients they need. You will find also other plants and trees like oranges, avocados, flowers, bananas and other fruits that are useful to create a harmonious biodiversity and shade for the coffee.

ORIGIN Honduras
REGION Marcala
PRODUCER Marysabel Cabellero and Moises Herrera
ALTITUDE 1487 masl
ROAST DATE 28/7/22