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Bekele Legie - Ethiopia - Filter - Natural - 250g

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Expect an elegant cup with notes of ripe grapes and earl grey tea. Had it this morning on espresso and still thinking about it ;)

This lot was produced by our producer, Bekele Legie who was awarded as model farmer by his village. This 44 year old man who is father to 8 children, grows, processes and exports his own coffee. This is rather rare in Ethiopia as farmers work more often as a collective. 

This lot was hand sorted and graded before delivering to the washing station for processing. At the station, cherries were soaked and only the sinking ones were selected. They were then moved to drying beds for a duration of 20 days to attain the targeted moisture level.


ORIGIN Ethiopia
REGION Yirgacheffe
PRODUCER Bekele Legie
VARIETAL Dega and wolisho
ALTITUDE 2000 masl
ROAST DATE 8/11/22