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Rosita - Ecuador - Filter - Double Washed - 227g

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Espelette pepper from the moment the bag is opened, in the most pleasant way. It's lively and bright, such a delight! Expect a juicy and floral cup with notes of stone fruit and violets.

From roaster:

Sidra is a hybrid variety that was created in Ecuador in the province of Pichincha. This arabica variety is thought to be a cross between a Bourbon and a Typica. However, there is a different theory which suggests that Sidra comes completely from Ethiopian Landrace varieties. This variety gained its popularity in the country as it is very well adapted to Ecuadorian soils and its cup quality is very exotic and unique. This particular lot was harvested by hand in August 2021. It was then fermented in cherry for 24 hours in big plastic tubs. After this, the coffee was pulped and left to ferment in its mucilage for another 24 hours. Then, the coffee was washed and left to dry slowly inside ‘marquesinas’ or polytunnels until it reached a humidity of 12%. The coffee was then left to stabilise for 6 weeks inside GrainPro bags in a cool storage room before being ready for threshing and export. We feel incredibly honoured to be the first in Europe to work with Rosa and also to have purchased the entire 170kg of her special Sidra lot.

Rosa began producing coffee with the help of her husband in 2010 in a plot of land that was leased to them. Their production was very successful, they had even won national specialty coffee competitions and their coffee was starting to become recognised nationally and internationally. It was a hard blow to them when, unadvisedly, they were evicted from the land they were leasing, losing all their coffee plants and investment they had put in over 5 years. After finding themselves with no farm and no coffee, Rosa battled to start again but this time owning her own land. Rosa and her husband bought a 5 hectares farm in San Jose de Minas where they started planting coffee 4 year ago. Since then, Rosa has planted 1200 arabica coffee plants. 300 of which are the variety Sidra, 300 Ethiopian Heirloom, 300 Typica mejorado and 300 Bourbon. The results from only 2 harvest of this land have been outstanding, as Rosa says, it’s the results of a labour of love. For the near future, Rosa is committed to expanding the farm and improving their crop quality; having recently invested in a plant nursery where the next crop’s seedlings are steadily growing. Finca Rosita is located on a hillside, the weather in the area is very humid but it does not get as much rain as other coffee growing areas in Pichincha, this gives the possibility of using honey and natural processes. The farm is surrounded by forests and some agricultural land. Within the farm there are many bushes and citrus trees scattered within the coffee trees. However, their crop is not shadow grown. Finca Rosita is a small and growing farm, producing approximately 3000 Lb (1360 Kg) of parchment coffee per year. Puliping, washing, drying and all parts of the processing happens at the farm and it’s all done by Rosa and her family. Rosa mainly produces washed coffees but can also offer different processes like honey, natural and anaerobics by request.

ORIGIN Ecuador
REGION Pichincha
PRODUCER Rosa, owner of San Jose de Minas farm
PROCESS Double Washed
ROAST DATE 24/10/22