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Las Lomas - Honduras - Omniroast - Anaerobic Washed - 250g

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From roaster:

Red Catuai beans are cultivated under the patronage of Moises Herrera, who is well known in his homeland for his innovative processes to produce the highest quality coffee cherries from his farm. Honduras Las Lomas coffee beans are characterized by a very sweet and unique flavor of vanilla and orange. The coffee drink leaves a ripe cherry aftertaste in the mouth for some time. The coffee is very tasty like espresso (albeit slightly roasted), but delicate and sweet like pour-over coffee.

Processing details - In the mill, the process begins with weighing the coffee, then pouring it into tanks and from there we remove the pulp of the cherries. The coffee is then sent to tanks where it undergoes a fermentation process for 16 hours, which we call "dry fermentation". The next day, we wash the coffee in a mechanical washer to remove the mucus, then we send the coffee to the terraces to pre-dry for 6 hours. Then the coffee begins its main drying process in mechanical dryers (guardiola) for 70 hours, because we need a slow drying process for better results. When the coffee has a moisture content of 9.5 - 10.5%, it is ready to be removed from the dryer and stored in bags. Some time ago we decided to use foil bags similar to Grain-pro bags, so that the coffee would get better homogenization and maintain the desired moisture.

ORIGIN Colombia
REGION Las Lomas
PRODUCER Moises Herrera
PROCESS Anaerobic washed
ALTITUDE 1600 masl
ROAST DATE 26/03/23