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Kiangoi AA- Kenya - Omniroast - Washed - 250g

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One of our favourite regions in Kenya, expect a juicy cup with notes of rhubarb, raspberry and grapefruit.

From roaster:

The farmers under the Kiangoi Cooperative in Kirinyaga are located on the slopes of Mount Kenya and, together with the neighbouring region Nyeri, is a region known for its intense, complex, and flavour-dense coffees. The rich volcanic soils of the mountain area, provides a strong nutritional base for the coffee plants, typically outperforming nutritional values from the soils of tropical areas. This allows for the growing of mature, sweet coffee cherries, and a more flavorful, complex cup profile.

That is exactly what we experience in this coffee.Kiangoi AA is very vibrant and deliciously juicy, with intense flavors and aromas. We experience delightful and bright notes of strawberry, cherries, and blackcurrants.

As typical in Kenya, Kiangoi works with a cooperative model. 1150 self-employed farmers in the local area grow the coffee cherries and then deliver directly to the wet mill for processing. The vast majority (around 90%) of the coffee grown is the variety SL-34, a variety developed by Scott Laborities specifically for its high quality and high yielding characteristics. The other approximately 10% of the coffee is made up of the varieties SL-28, K7, and Ruiru 11.

The cherries are pulped and fully washed by the wet mill, as is typical in Kenya as a whole. The beans are then dried, sorted and graded to ensure only the highest quality, ripest beans are contained within this lot.

We have omni-roasted this lot, which means it can be preferred just as well as filter coffee, or as espresso. 

REGION Kirinyaga
PRODUCERS Multiple smallholder farmers
VARIETAL SL 28, SL 34, k7 and Ruiru 11
ALTITUDE 1600 - 1800 masl
ROAST DATE 27/10/22