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Finca Morelia - Colombia - Filter - Red honey processed - 250g

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Expect a comforting cup with notes of blackberry, pistachio and ripe plum. 

From Roaster:

A special type of fermentation determines the taste profile of this Colombian.
This Red Colombia lot from Finca Morelia from Colombia has been specially processed: In the 'red-honey-processed' coffee, the coffee beans are placed in the sun after the pulping process for drying with the surrounding mucalage. The skin and flesh that surround them then becomes sticky and hard and gives the beans their softness during the drying process. Due to the influence of moucilage, the beans take on a red color.
This filter of coffee will just knock you off your stool in terms of taste, because this flavor combination does not exist every day!

Miller claims to constantly improve the qualities for his farm.
At 1770 meters above sea level is Finca Morelia by the farmer Miller Walles Cruz. He attaches particular importance to the preservation of biodiversity and takes care of his country with great sensitivity. He is convinced that the very fertile soil and the unique climate of Paicol make his coffee special. Miller learned about coffee production and farm management from various professional agronomers of local institutions such as the SENA (National Training Service) as well as by participating in workshops. He is one of the 150 members of the Paicol Coffee Producers Association.

ORIGIN Colombia
PRODUCER Miller Walles Cruz
VARIETAL Red Colombia
PROCESS Red Honey 24h, 38h resting in the tank
ALTITUDE 1700 masl
ROAST DATE 19/10/22