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El Diamante La Florida Gesha- Costa Rica - Filter - Anaerobic - 125g

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Holiday special treats for coffee lovers! THIS IS IT! Expect a delicate cup with notes of berries, tropical fruit and why not a dash of cinnamon bun? ;)

Note that this coffee comes in 125g. 

El Diamante Anaerobic Fermentation Technique is the result of 8 years of continuous research directed to adding value to the coffee. This lot was handpicked and then transported to the processing mill. The cherries were cleaned and placed into stainless steel tank to ferment in a controlled environment for 40 hours.

Once the fermentation is over, the cherries were transported to green houses and dried on raised beds for a duration of 1 month. After resting, the coffee husk or pulp were removed and the green coffees were then classified by density, size and colour.

ORIGIN Costa Rica
REGION San Ramon, West Valley
PRODUCER Roberto Leiva from Hacienda La Florida
PROCESS Anaerobic
ALTITUDE 1900 masl
ROAST DATE 9/12/21