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*COMPETITION* Orange Striped Wush Wush - Colombia - Filter - 250g

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-COMPETITION LOT- Expect a highly interesting cup with a slightly fermented character (but not at the forefront like many anaerobic coffees), tropical freshness and rounded nicely with a medium body. Notes of orange sherbet, grapefruit, and white peach. Possibly the best tasting Wush Wush out there! Subscribers, know that you are very spoilt this month! ;)

Orange striped wush wush is an extremely rare variety found in very few farms in Colombia. This nanolot is named after Jose's late mother, Clara Giraldo. This lot was processed starting with a 120 hours of anaerobic fermentation before it was transferred to African-style raised beds for slow drying. Jose also stalls the drying at around the 192nd hour to increase the microbial load and encourage the natural yeast to ferment further.

Orange wush wush fruit picture credits : Café 1959

ORIGIN Colombia
REGION Pijao, Quindio
PRODUCER Jose Giraldo
VARIETAL Orange Striped Wush Wush
PROCESS 120 anaerobic fermentation
ALTITUDE 1950 masl
ROAST DATE 1/06/22