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Rum Baba

El Paraíso - Colombia - Filter - Washed - 200g

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- EXPERIMENTAL LOT - This lot went through laborious processing of 48-hour anaerobic fermentation of cherries in vats with vent valve at 18°C, followed by 96 hours of anaerobic fermentation of cherries in pulp (with mucilage) at 18°C . The cherries were then washed at 40°C to create a thermal shock followed by second wash at 12°C. The coffee beans spent 34 hours of drying at 35°C and 25% humidity until they reach 10-11% humidity.

Our producer Diego Bermudez has been experimenting with fermentation methods and selected his own microorganisms and yeasts to showcase the outstanding profiles of his coffees. 

This coffee contains 200g.

ORIGIN Colombia
REGION El Tambo, Cauca
PRODUCER Villa Esperanza, Diego Bermudez
PROCESS Double Anaerobic, Red Plum
ALTITUDE 1900 masl
ROAST DATE 12/04/22