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We are thrilled to present to our curious buddies 2 awesome roasters for the month of February. Langøra is a microroastery based in Stjørdal, Norway. Kristian Helgesen, one of the founders of the roastery used to live on the same street as coffee rockstars like Tim Wendelboe and Supreme Roastworks. I wonder if they were required to pass a coffee test or know the manual calculation for TDS in order to live on that street? :)

Back to the coffee, this lot is made up of SL-28 and Ruiru 11 varieties from Kenya and is, with no doubt, a great representation of delicious washed Kenyan coffees. Expect a fruity cup with a vibrant acidity layered with a bunch of floral notes and sweet aftertaste.

Feeling adventurous? Try this on the espresso machine. This recipe below allows you to get a more intense experience compared to a filter version, while keeping the delicate, opened up characteristics of a filter coffee.

Coffee Grind Size - Kruve Sifter 400μm - Curious Buds

Coffee: 18g

Grind size: Between 400μm and 800μm (Half way between Espresso and Aeropress)

Pre-infusion: 12s

Total brew time: 26s

Yield: 70g

Curious Buds February Subscription Box - Langøra Kaffebrenneri -Kiamabara AA - Kenya - Filter - Washed - 250g - Rotutu - Timor-Leste - Filter - Washed - 250g

Our second coffee roasters are based in Dublin, founded by Frank Kavanagh & Peter Sztal in 2013. We selected a lot from Timor-Leste because we wanted to introduce this relatively new producing country to the community. After all, we are very much about sparking curiosity, and this coffee is one that we think is worth a taste - at least once.

This coffee is quite unusual and this is the best way we can explain it. Imagine the shape of a coffee fruit, the seed is the fruity notes and its surrounding flesh is packed with herbal and spicy notes. We believe that the tropical climate contributes to this unique taste. 

If you have enjoyed these coffees or tried our crazy recipe, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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