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avril 12, 2022 1 lire la lecture

For the month of April, we couldn't be happier when we found a beautiful contrast from 2 roasters that we adore. Morgon Coffee roasters are based in Gothenburg, Sweden and Friedhats in Amsterdam. 
Curious Buds April Subscription Box
This natural El Salvadoran is something else. Is it too risky/controversial to say that it's the best we've had so far? We don't dare ;) It's a delicate cup in the best way - lots going on as the coffee cools down and not a sip was boring. We particularly like the gentle (but present) acidity and herbal finish of this coffee.
We paired this easy drinking coffee with something a little shocking, because we are after all Curious Buds and not.. Dull Buds! This experimental lot from Rwanda is fermentation forward and bold. The kind of coffee that takes you on a spin in Funky Town. All coming from the 60 hour anaerobic fermentation process. It reminds us of an ice cream cherry soda, perfect for warmer days!
We hope you've enjoyed this month's experience and if you are not subscribed for next month's box yet, do it HERE.

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