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We do not recommend sending this dripper as a gift to your barista friends  because they probably already have one! ;)

Staple for many pourover coffee enthusiasts, this brewing tool is fantastic for showcasing the subtle notes of coffee as well as being relatively easy to use. It makes a clean cup, free of sediments and lighter in body compared to an Aeropress and a French Press. 

There are a ton of recipes on the internet for this dripper but here is how we generally start with a new coffee.

Water: 92°C

Ground Coffee: 15g, medium

Brew ratio: 1:15

1. Wet paper filter with hot water to remove unwanted matter and to heat up brewer. 

2. 15g of freshly ground coffee in. Set timer and pour 40g of water in a spiral motion to bloom.

3. Wait for 30 seconds, or 40s if your coffee is ultra fresh and needs more time to degas.

4. Pour 60g of water at a time until you achieve 225g. Right after the last pour, gently swirl the dripper to achieve a flat coffee bed.

5. Total brew time should be between 3 to 4 minutes, depending on the coffee profile that you prefer.

Ground coffee in V60 - Hario V60 brew Guide by Curious Buds Specialty CoffeeBloom coffee - Hario V60 brew Guide by Curious Buds Specialty CoffeeAdd 60g of hot water at a time into coffee bed- Hario V60 brew Guide by Curious Buds Specialty CoffeeFlat coffee bed - Hario V60 brew Guide by Curious Buds Specialty CoffeeServe and taste - Hario V60 brew Guide by Curious Buds Specialty Coffee

If the acidity is overwhelming when you taste it, you can grind your coffee finer to achieve a longer brew time. If your coffee taste bitter and astringent, you can grind coarser to achieve a shorter brew time.

It's that simple! Now that you have the basic guidelines, you can try it for yourself and go from there! DM us or leave a comment below and share with us your experience. We are about brewing as a community, so let's chat! :)


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