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Switch Immersion Dripper - Size 02

This immersion+percolation dripper is stunning to look at and brews a mean cup with just one push. It comes with 40 sheets of paper filter in the box so you can start brewing immediately. 
It produces a foolproof cup thatenhances sweetness in a sweet coffee, 'ripeness' to your fruity coffee and brings the body up a notch. Definitely our new favourite dripper!

Makes 200 ml of coffee
Comes with a brewing guide and user manual
Dimensions: W118 × D115 × H133mm  

Glass bowl: Heat resistant glass
Base: Silicone rubber
Switch: PCT resin
Stainless ball: Stainless steel
Made in Japan
*All parts can be removed for cleaning. When re-assembling, please read the instruction thoroughly to ensure that all parts are set up properly.